LANDSCAPE PRINTS                           KAREN KUCHARSKI  


Waterfalling, lithograph; drawn and printed from stone; 15x11; Small editions on white or blue paper

LITHOGRAPHY ~ "stone drawing."   A traditional printing process, invented in the late 18c.    An image is drawn on a limestone using a greasy crayon or ink.  The artist or master printer processes the stone, wiping away the original drawing but leaving the stone ready to accept ink where marks were drawn with the greasy tools, and to repel the ink in the untouched areas.  Ink is rolled over the surface and transferred onto paper to create hand-pulled original prints.  The stone is then ground down to make a clean surface for a new image. 

ETCHING:   A drawing is made with a sharp point into a protective ground on a metal plate. The sharp point exposes the metal. When placed into an acid bath, the acid eats away the metal and leaves permament marks in the plate. The protective ground is removed and the plate is inked. The marks hold the ink and the ink is transferred onto paper when put through a press.

The above images have a combination of methods, including transferred paint, stencil, and etching.

Lithography  Etching Relief  Monoprints

Each printmaking process presents a unique mark according to the materials used and the manner in which it is processed. The artist offers a unique touch in her approach to these mediums.


WATER DANCE I, mixed media, 15x11"   COUPLE II, mixed media,15x11" (One-of-a-kind, original, hand-pulled prints on paper with ink and water media.)

WATERFALL TOTEM SERIES:  Unique, original works in mixed media: ink-transferred, drawn, painted, and splashed to honor and mimic the nature of water:




Water One

ink on paper, mounted on painted panel, ~30x12"  

 Waterfall Totem

ink on paper, mounted on painted panel, ~36x12"    

 High Contrast Plunge

ink on paper, mounted on painted panel, ~28x12"