TANGO ART                                           KAREN KUCHARSKI 

Charcoal Drawing

SONG OF BIRDS, charcoal, 40x32"    

 This drawing is a dramatic interpretation of two powerful dancers expressing the combined rhythms of Tango. Not for the faint-of-heart, the work is a relatively large drawing made even larger by the stance of the figures. 

My work ebbs and flows between the real and the abstract.  The marks emphasize the moment, and light and shadow dramatize the intensity.  I use the techniques of smudging and erasing to create smoky quality and dramatic shadows. 



CORNER TANGO, charcoal , 21x33"   Framed (29x41")

SPOTLIGHT TANGO,  charcoal; 20x24"

A hint of figures caught at the edge of the light...

Dancers step in time in their shared world.