WATERFALL ART                                  KAREN KUCHARSKI 


"Rockcut Waterfall Pool Water Falling"...an onomatopoeia; charcoal, 40x32"

"Waterfall Curtain Falling;" charcoal; 32x40"

The Waterfall Series           

"Diamond Cut Falls," charcoal, 40x32"

The charcoal waterfall drawings were created with laying down charcoal and using an eraser.  The dark areas are charcoal; the white areas were erased.  Their dimensions are 32x40 inches, either vertical or horizontal. 

The method I use is to tape the paper to the wall and develop the  light and darks by layering and smudging the charcoal over the paper's surface, and erasing the marks. This, of course, is a labor of love with many interwoven moves.  The rhythm of the marks are all different. Each of these drawings explores various patterns to the way water plays on its journey.      


Waterfalls speak to a primal core of human nature. Stunning rush of water cascades down tonal bedrock, offering a scale and movement that calls to the dancer within, connecting the imagery through light and movement.

Matted; approximately 53x43 inches.