KAREN KUCHARSKI  The Spiritual in Art These original works of art are one-of-a-kind, hand-pulled prints using a contemporary lithography-gum transfer process.


Divine Mother Series

Eco-Spiritual Art 

Eco-friendly litho-gum, one-of-a-kind, hand-pulled prints.



Eternity, 30x22" on blue paper


Female Deity Totem, 30x22"

 Eco-Spiritual Art:  River, Waterfalls, Earth, Divine Mother, Humanity, Decisions, Effects, Vision, Heart, Soul...


Madonna and Child, 15x11"  mixed media: etching and dingbat (stamp) with monoprinting and drawing on paper with flecks of gold; proof print. 


Healing Water, ~6x8"                 

The earth is under duress due to fossil fuel consumption and hydro-fracking.  These paintings,  drawings, and hand-pulled prints express my support for our land and water, and conscientious actions.     

INQUIRIES: Art@KarenKucharski.com

 Ithaca ~ Cascadilla ~ Gorges ~ Water Art ~ Finger Lakes ~ Water Planet Art

     Ancestors are revered but are lost to us upon death.  Vintage River exemplifies the present danger our rivers face in the plight of natural gas drilling.

Vintage River, acrylic on layers of acetate, 12x33" (Private Collection)   


     Commitment, 15x11"                   My Private Rubicon, 15x11"