My desire to refine the marks I make with a quality that sings compels me to investigate the reasons behind my mark-making and the choice of imagery that carries those marks.  What draws me to suspend water over or around a subject or paint dancers in the cosmos?

The pureness of love and water, the freshness of a landscape, cultural richness and dance bring forth a drive to know how my world comes together with that of unknown or unseen forces.  I draw upon these to create work with light and movement, primarily in two-dimensional artworks, including drawing, painting, and print forms.

I present the viewer with both imagery relating to movement, and with rhythms associated with mark-making.  Undulations, tapering lines, and staccato pulsations harmonize for visual flow, like a dance.  Edges are carefully shaped, and tonal gradations are balanced among hot lights and shadowy blacks. 

I find communication and equality in relationships important components, which are represented in the imagery.  Dance companions share a common goal; they explore the act of coming together to shape a collective moment.  This suggests a power both within us and beyond that I am inspired to make mark of, and the art invites others into those thoughts.                                                       


 The Tango Light paintings, for instance, offer a world of movement and partnership with imagery that explores the spatial light of a Tango setting.     The ephemeral nature of the moment is emphasized with a hint of the figures' physical presence. 

Professional Argentine Tango dancer and performer, Florencia Taccetti, describes it as such: "Tango dancers use the beat of the music like water.  It is liquid and always changing..."  In my art, as in the beat of the music and the water that sustains us, the marks that shape an image and the ideas expressed, are representations of life that flow between presence and abstraction.  I use these to express my personal responses and my understanding of a collective sense.

Thank you for your interest.

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